understanding the four C’s for the perfect diamond purchase

As a customer-centric diamond company, we are committed to empower you with all the necessary information and knowledge of diamonds. The 4Cs (cut, clarity, colour and carat) are eternal features of a diamond. They will forever be the criterion to judge the value of a diamond. The elaboration below on the 4 main characteristics (cut, clarity, colour and carat) will help you make the perfect diamond purchase which suits your specific needs and budget.

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Diamonds are cut by hand. However, diamond cutting is an art and not just a mechanical feature. The diamond’s cut is considered to be the most important quality, and one should never compromise on the cut of the stone. The extent of how well the stone is cut is directly related to the diamond’s overall beauty.

The diamond’s brilliance is determined by the angle and placement of the stone’s facets. An expertly cut diamond will achieve high levels of brilliance, sparkle, and durability. While a stone with a poor cut will look dull and gloomy.


Colour can affect the value of a diamond by thousands of dollars. The rarer the colour, the more valuable the gem becomes. Colourless stone allows light to pass through it easily. It tends to have maximum brilliance and sparkle. This is why colourless diamonds have the highest value.

The following scale from D-Z is used to grade the colour of a diamond.

  • (D-F) - Colourless diamonds
  • (G-J) - Near colourless diamonds
  • (K-M) - Faint yellow or faint brown
  • (N-R) - Very light yellow or very light brown
  • (S-Z) - Light yellow or light brown

As per the grading spectrum, D colour diamond is highly valuable and extremely rare—the highest colour grade that money can buy.

Near Colourless
Faint Colour
Very Light Colour
Light Colour

Note: Jin Gems deals in white & light colour diamonds only.


Clarity, as the name suggests, signifies how clear and flawless the diamond is. Most diamonds are not perfect and have blemishes, inclusions, or feathers that are naturally created through time. These tiny natural blemishes are microscopic and do not affect a diamond’s beauty in any way. However, fewer the inclusions, higher the grade.

But, keep in mind, that better clarity also suggests rarity and purity – which means you will rarely find a diamond with no inclusions and blemishes.

Below is the grading scale for diamond clarity:

(Flawless) FL - Diamonds with no inclusions or blemishes.

(Internally Flawless) IF - Diamonds with no inclusions, however, slight blemishes may appear when viewed using 10X magnification.

(Very, Very Slightly Included) VVS1, VVS2 - Diamonds with very-very minute inclusions. It’s difficult for the trained gemologists to find these flaws using a 10X magnification.

(Very Slightly Included) VS1, VS2 - Diamonds with minor inclusions, these flaws are somewhat easy for a trained gemologist to detect using a 10X magnification.

(Slightly Included) SI1, SI2 - Inclusions are noticeable to a skilled grader under 10x magnification.

(Included) I1, I2, and I3 - Inclusions are very obvious under 10× magnification.

As per the grading scale, (Flawless) FL diamonds are extremely rare and high in price.

Flawless & Internally Flawless
FL    IF
Very, Very Slightly Included
VVS1    VVS2
Very Slightly Included
VS1    VS2
SI1    SI2
I1   I2   I3   I4


Diamond prices increase with carat weight because larger diamonds are less common and more desirable. So increase in size means an increase in price – it implies that the price increases exponentially rather than proportionally.

However, two diamonds of equal carat weight can also have dramatically different values depending on three other factors: colour, clarity, and cut. Lastly, determining the carat weight that is right for you depends primarily on your budget and desire.

Sizes Available in Round Shape
0.0025 ct
0.8 mm
0.005 ct
1 mm
0.0067 ct
1.12 mm
0.0075 ct
1.15 mm
0.01 ct
1.25 mm
0.01 ct
1.3 mm
0.015 ct
1.5 mm
0.02 ct
1.75 mm
0.025 ct
1.8 mm
0.03 ct
2 mm
0.04 ct
2.25 mm
0.06 ct
2.5 mm
0.08 ct
2.75 mm
0.11 ct
3 mm
0.14 ct
3.25 mm
0.17 ct
3.5 mm
0.21 ct
3.75 mm
0.25 ct
4 mm
0.35 ct
4.5 mm
0.75 ct
5.8 mm
1 ct
6.5 mm
1.5 ct
7.4 mm
2 ct
8.2 mm
2.5 ct
8.8 mm
3 ct
9.4 mm

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